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Cash Registers

Help with choosing a Cash Register, Point of Sale or ePos Touch Screen System

A Cash Register is necessary for any business that is product based and that performs numerous transactions on a daily basis.


Cash Registers can range from a basic system with limited features to a comprehensive Point of Sale (POS and ePOS ) system with an extensive range of features. The type of Cash Register or ePOS system that a business chooses can depend on a business’s current needs, planned future needs and budget. A cash register is an essential piece of equipment in any retail business. Besides making payment transactions faster and more accurate, a cash register can also provide extra security while keeping track of cash flow and stock. Many cash registers come with sophisticated features like touch screens and card readers. Additional hardware such as printers and bar code scanners can be added to the cash register system using inbuilt communication ports. When choosing a cash register or point of sale system that is right for you, it is important to evaluate your business needs for now and the foreseeable future.


Standard cash registers have a basic LED display which shows the values that are being keyed in for the item being purchased  as well as the purchase total before it is printed onto the receipt. When the sale has been completed , the cash drawer opens so that cash, checks, or credit card slips can be stored securely in the cash drawer. Notes and coins can be separated by denomination in individual compartments. The printed receipt will show the price of each item and a final total, and this can be used for the customer’s records or for business reports. Mid Range and Touch Screen Cash Register System can be programmed with product codes so that more detail will be printed on the receipt. When department codes are used, the business manager or owner can run a daily report which will show the daily sales totals for each department.


At Astec P.O.S. we have divided our full range of Cash Register and ePos Touch Screen Systems into 2 main catagories.


  • •  Basic Cash Registers and Mid-Range Cash Registers

  • •  ePos Touch Screen Systems


There are a number of  questions to consider before deciding which cash register or epos system is perfect for you and your business.


1. What type of Cash Register do you need and how will it be used in your business.


Consider how large your business currently is and your projected growth for the next few years. You may have a business with thousands of items in stock with several departments or you may be running a smaller business with only a few dozen items in stock with a small number of departments. It’s important to understand what you see for yourself now and in the future so you can decide what your system needs are now and will be in the future.


  • • How many departments will you require for your cash register system  and will that grow as your business expands and grows

  • • How many products will you need for the cash register and will that grow as your business grows

  • • What type of reports will your cash register need to provide for your business

  • • Do you need to link your cash register to a back office computer

  • • Will you need to scan product details into your cash register system

  • • Do you need a cash register that will  provide receipt for your customers

  • • Will you require a small or large cash drawer integrated into the cash register system.

  • • How much counter space is available for a cash register.





NN3 Cash Register

NN3 Cash Register


Sam4s ER 180T Cash Register

Sam4s 230 Cash Register

Sam4s ER 230 Cash Register

Sam4s ER260 Cash Register

Sam4s ER260 Cash Register


Sam4s NR 510 R Cash Register

Sam4s NR 510R

Sam4s NR 510 F Cash Register

Samrs NR 510 F Cash Register

Sam4s ER 920F Cash Register

Sam4s ER 920F Cash Register

Sam4s ER945 ER Cash Register

Sam4s ER945 ER Cash Register




ePOS (Point of Sale) Systems

ePOS Systems are PC-based terminals which have integrated components that make order processing and stock / inventory monitoring easier for businesses that have a large product list or who complete many hundreds of transactions per day. Additional features such as barcode readers, touchscreens, integrated card readers, receipt printers and digital handheld ordering devices can all simplify the complete sales process.

A business can customise their business's customer receipt by adding a promotional message at the top and bottom of the receipt which can consist of business information, logo,  business hours and contact details.

Loyalty and Gift Card hardware and software systems can be integrated into the ePOS System which can be used as an incentive for the customer to shop with the business again in the future.

Stock Control Management Software can be used to provide detailed stock reports that will show the quantities of each item purchased, totals for each department nightly or at time intervals that can provide business reports for use in business accounting and management.

Digital Handheld Ordering Devices are the professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. ePos software for hand-held devices has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industry. Customer's orders are recorded on the handheld device and sent straight to the heart of your kitchen allowing waiting staff to remain in the serving area and providing improved customer care and service. As all orders are noted on the handheld device the possibility for missed orders is avoided and all items are included in the final bill. In conjunction with a wireless credit card terminal, orders can be paid for at the table.

Pocket Touch App software developed by ICR Touch can be downloaded to an Android or IOS Tablet and is fully compatible with Touch Point and Touch Kitchen Software allowing your Digital Handheld Ordering Device to fully integrate with your ePos system software.



Sam4s SPS 520F Touch Screen Cash Register

Sam4s SPS 520 Touch Screen Cash Register

Quorion Q Touch 10inch Screen System

Quorion Q Touch 10inch Screen System

Quorion Q Touch 12 inch Touch Screen System

Quorion Q Touch 12 inch Touch Screen System

Quorion Q Touch 15 inch Touch Screen System

Quorion Q Touch 15 inch Touch Screen System


Sam4s SPT 4801 Touch Screen

Sam4s SPT 4801 Touch Screen

SPS 2200 Touch Screen

SPS 2200 Touch Screen

Posiflex Jiva-XT 3015

Posiflex Jiva XT-3015

Sam4s Titan Touch Screen

Sam4s Titan Touch Screen


ePOS Systems are found in the majority of Retail and Hospitality businesses. With a combination of hardware and software they are designed, developed and customised to aid in improving the smooth running, performance and efficiency of a business. Sales information is stored and available in customised reports to provide business owners and managers with an insight as to how well their business is actually doing. Generally found at the 'checkout' , an ePos system can be a stand-alone terminal running Touch Point Software and / or it can be linked to a number of terminals running Touch Point Software all of which can be linked to a Back Office Computer running Touch Office Software. With Touch Office Web Software a business owner can remotely monitor and manage his business on a web enable mobile device.


Weither a cash register is needed to calculate purchases for a small retail outlet with a small number of products, departments and daily transactions or a busy restaurant, supermarket, hotel or bar which completes hundreds of transactions per day, the process of buying this piece of equipment is made easier when the business owner knows which type of ePos (Point of Sale) will work best for his or her needs. With the correct information and the knowledge of where to buy an ePOPS system with confidence, a business owner will have a Point of Sale system that will add value to their business and will assist in completing successful customer sales.


Astec P.O.S. use ePOS Touch Screen Terminals supplied by Sam4s and Posiflex, recognised leaders in ePos Touch Screen Technology. Installed on the Sam4s / Posiflex Touch Screen hardware is the award winning ICR Touch Software, leaders in ePos Software for over 30 years. With a choice of software options including, Touch Point, Touch Office, Touch Office Web, Touch Loyalty, Pocket Touch, Touch Kitchen, Touch Stock. Touch Reservation, Touch Abacus and Touch Top-up business owners can choose a software package that will assist them in the efficient and smooth running of their business.


As a business owner planning to link a cash register or point of sale system to a cash drawer, scanner, printer or back office management system, the pos or epos system must have the required supporting connections to allow for communications between devices. Correct cabling and network infrastructure is necessary to ensure quality and reliable exchange of information between connected devices.



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