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  • •  No Large Capital Expenditure

  • •  No worries with breakdowns

  • •  No expensive service contracts

  • •  Long | Short Term Rental

  • •  Improved Cash Flow

  • •  Lower Fixed Monthly Costs

  • •  No Set-up Costs

  • •  On-Site | Phone Support

  • •  Latest Technology

  • •  Expand ePOS System as business grows



Astecpos Ltd work with business owners in the Hospitality, Retail, Food Processing, Food Preparation and Food Production Business Sectors in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the U.K. to give them the latest technology needed to succeed in their business

For a new business or a business that is expanding the choice of Cash Register, ePOS System, Weighing scales, Counting Scales and Labelling Scales often depends on the budget of the retailer or business owner. Before selecting a cash register, epos system, weighing or labelling scales it is important to consider your business needs both now and in the future as your business grows.

Astecpos Ltd can advise on a cash register, epos, weighing and labelling scales that will suit both your budget and business needs. Point of Sale Systems, Weighing and Labelling Scales are available to buy or rent. Rental options on Cash Registers, ePOS Touch Screen Systems, Retail Weighing Scales, Industrial Weighing Scales and Labelling Scales are available from €50 per month.

Our customer support and technical team will be happy to advise and answer all your questions.


Astec POs, offer Rental Options on Cash Registers, ePOS Touch Screen Systems, Weighing and Labelling Scales to help you succeed in your business.

Call +353 (0) 47 86794 when it is time for you to invest in your ePOS System.



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