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Loyalty Reward and Gift Cards


Customers are one the greatest assets that a business has.

Customer Gift Cards Reward Cards Loyalty Cards



Customers are one the greatest assets that a business has. Your current  customers are your future customers. With a Loyalty or Reward Card system  you are rewarding your customers for what they already do......buy your product or service and you are  engaging with your customers directly and letting them know that you value them and would like to reward them for their loyalty to your business products and brand.



Loyalty and Reward Cards


Loyalty and Reward Cards

Loyalty and Rewards Card Facts:


  • • It costs a business 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one.

  • • On average current customers will spend 67% more than a new new customer.

  • • Over 65% of marketers implement a customer loyalty program for their business or company.

  • • According to Fred Reichheld, author of the Loyalty Effect, a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25-100% increase in profit for your company.


Customer Loyalty Reward Card Gift Card

Loyalty Marketing Case Studies show:


  • • Many companies, retailers, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and businesses offer Loyalty Cards, Reward Cards and Gift Cards.

  • • Loyalty is a growing trend in Irish marketing, with 55% of Marketing Decision Makers saying that Loyalty is a strategic priority for them in 2017. 


  • • Loyal customers are happy customers that bring new customers to your business at no additional cost.


Customer Reward Gift Loyalty Card Design


Gift Cards

• According to CNNMoney.com in an article written by Jessica Dickler, 60% of consumers would rather receive a gift card than a traditional present.

• Gift cards are consistently the most popular gift to give and receive. As their popularity continues to grow and options and flexibility continues to expand  it is becoming more and more important for business owners in all sectors of business big and small to take notice of this popular payment trend.

• In an article published in Irish Business World in 2017 The Irish Gift Card Market was estimated to be worth approximatelt €600 Million per annum.

• Consumers love to both give and receive gift cards.  As a gift recipient, it is most likely because it saves the inconvenience of returning the unwanted gift and waiting in long lines to make an exchange or return.  Gift card givers also prefer the ease and speed of check out when purchasing a Gift Card while eliminating the stress of getting “the perfect gift"

• By making Gift Cards part of your company and business culture they can become a successful and cost-effective customer aquisition and retention tool.



Barcode or Magnetic Stripe Loyalty and Reward Cards


Magnetic Strip Cards



Incorporating Loyalty Cards, Reward Cards and Gift Cards into your business is easy with ICR Touch and Sam4s software solutions. With a barcode or magnetic stripe you can integrate your loyalty, reward card  and gift card with an existing Point of sale system . These systems then allow you to reward customers with points or rewards such as free product or a discount on their purchase.


Customer Card with Magnetic Stripe


Magnetic Cards front and Back



Loyalty Cards, Reward Cards and Gift Cards at Astecpos


Astecpos Ltd offers a complete Loyalty, Reward and Gift Card hardware and software package that will allow any business owner to add Loyalty cards, Reward cards and Gift cards to their business. 

We can help you choose a Pos and ePos software package to suit your requirements within the ICR Touch and Sam4s range.

  • • Create your own unique card design and layout with your company and business logo with the help of Astecpos in house design team.

  • • Cards are supplied with a magnetic  stripe and personalised with the customer's  number.

  • • Choose from single colour or multiple colour printed cards.

  • • Mag-stripe are supplied encoded or blank

  • • Bar codes and signature stripes options are available 

With your own unique Loyalty, Reward Card and Gift Card your business will have a constant presence in the daily lives of your customers.


If you would like to find out more about Loyalty cards, Reward cards, Gift cards and would like advise on how you can incorporate them into your existing Point of Sale business equipment  contact us and we will be happy to help you with your perfect design and a software solution to meet your business requirements.


Astec POS, design & develop ePOS Systems to help you succeed in your business.

Call +353 (0) 47 86794 when it is time for you to integrate a Loyalty, Gift or Reward Card into your ePOS System.

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