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ePOS Software


Point of Sale

ePOS Software ICR Touch


Business Management

Business Management Software TMS Touch Office Web


EFT Payment

Payment Sense EFT Software for ICR Touch ePOS Integration



Retail ePOS

Restaurant ePOS

Hotel ePos

Supermarket ePOS

Butchers ePOS

Forecourt Petrol Station ePOS


ePOS Till Software


  • • ePOS (Electronic Point of Sale)

  • • Table / Tab Management

  • • Clerk Sign-On

    • • Handheld Ordering at Table

    • Loyalty / Gift Cards

    • • X / Z Reports

    • • Digital Handheld Ordering

    • Display / Send Orders to Kitchen


Front of House ePOS


Business Management Software

  • • TMS:  Back Office Business Management (Desktop / Laptop)

  • • Touch Office Web:  Cloud / On-line (Tablet / Smart Phone)


ePOS Software ICR Touch Office Web and TMS


ePOS EFT Software


  • • EFT:  (Electronic Fund Transfer)

  • • Pay at Till

  • • Pay at Table

Payment Sense EFT ePOS Integration




Sam Stock ePOS Software


SamStock Stock Control and Management Software

SamStock Features and Benefits


  • •  Single or Multiple Location Licence

  • •  Single or Consolidated Branch Reports

  • •  Tracks Sales & Monitor Stock Levels

  • •  Sales, Profit and Clerks Reports

  • •  Date Range and Comparitive Period Reports

  • •  Control Pricing & Promotions

  • •  Update Terminals in Real-Time via Back-Office PC over Ethernet, PSTN or ADSL Broadband.


Astec POS, design & develop ePOS Systems to help you succeed in your business.

Call +353 (0) 47 86794 when it is time for you to invest in your ePOS System.


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Payment Sense EFT Software for ICR Touch ePOS Integration
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