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ICR Touch ePOS Management Software

Touch Office Web and TMS ePOS Business Management Software

Business Management Software TMS Touch Office Web



ICR Touch Office Web Software

Cloud-based version of ICR Back Office TMS EPoS Software

ICR Touch Office Web


  • • Remote access to live and archive sales data and video footage via computer, tablet or smart phone

  • • Connects to Touch Point touch screen till software

  • • Indispensible tool for any size of business, from a single till to multiple tills in single or multiple branches

  • • Information can be collated and displayed at either branch or head office level

  • • Manage Stock Levels at Branch and Head Office level.

  • • Manage Suppliers and Customer Accounts at Head Office

  • • Edit, Add PLU Information and update ePOS Branch Terminals from Head Office Remotely

  • • Alerts for potential fraud or mis-management

  • • Highlight unexpected changes or high risk transactions

  • • Traffic light signal system for quick visual warning

  • • Drill down feature gives quick access to specific transactions

  • • Helps redefine data to spot trends and patterns

  • • Financial Reports can be extrated and exported to PDF, Excel or CVS format.

  • • In house CCTV integration with Touch Office Web and ePOS Terminals.

  • • With Plan & Pay on Touch Office Web a business can schedule sales areas and staff breaks




 ICR Touch TMS Back Office Software


ICR TouchTMS Back Office Software


  • •Powerful ePOS Back Office Management Software

  • • Connects to Touch Point touch screen till software

  • • ePOS Management and Stock Control

  • • Add new products and Edit existing products

  • • Update Menus

  • • Make Staff Changes

  • • Change Product Price

  • • Electronic Journals

  • • Historical Analysis


Astec POS, design & develop ePOS Systems to help you succeed in your business.

Call +353 (0) 47 86794 when it is time for you to invest in your ePOS System.


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